Brady Bunch Theology

The fam and I are up visiting my parents for Christmas.  Having a blast.  Having some good times and great discussions.


My popps took me out for some coffee and we got to talking. We were talking about Jesus and his insane ways, the nature of evangelism, theology, etc. At one point popps asked me if there is anything that he has said or done to put distance between us, any resentment, or anger of sorts that might be lingering. He’s an awesome dad. I commented about being the youngest and having the privilege of them screwing up on the other two by the time they got to me, and the fact I got to learn from their mistakes. I also mentioned how I appreciated him and Ma for parenting my two brothers and I individually. My brothers and I are all so different.  For example, I got the looks, the smarts, the athleticism, the common sense, and the humility.  The other two are doing ok though.  Anyway, in all seriousness, my parents realized that we are all so different, they had to grow, or should I say love, teach, and discipline us differently as well. And we, my wife and I, realize this with our daughters at the ripe ages of 5, 3, and 1. They are so different, and we love them differently. So the question came up, when it comes to sharing the gospel with others, why should it be any different?  Why would we treat all people the same with a blanket gospel track? Why would we cheapin this amazingly good news with a blanket question or formula as if every person is exactly the same?  Everyone is so different from each other.  When Jesus was talking with others, he spoke into there lives within the frame of their own context. (For example: the rich man, woman at the well, Simmon the Pharisee, Zacchaeus, Nicodemus, the leper, etc.)  It’s brilliant really.  His love for others was so transparent and real, he didn’t have to spit out a formula or hand someone a track-scroll or track-tablet.  Nor did he deduce God’s heart and desire for his creation to where one is going when you die.  May our prayer be that we rely on the spirit of God to share his heart with others and be the good news to others. Amen.

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