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Check out this vid.  Found it on Mike DeV’s blog(  Let me know what you think:



I appreciate Parker Palmers take on the cultural condition of America. I’ll even go so far as to say that I agree.  I love his “subtle” definition to violence when he states, “Violence is what happens anytime we violate the integrity of the other”.  Taking this a bit further, I would argue that he does well in addressing the human condition as a whole. It seems to be the nature of human beings.  There are people who justify the crusades and the ways in which American Christians treat homosexuals or others that disagree with their views and/or agendas by use of the Bible.  It’s as if we seem to know no other way but to violate the integrity of the other who might be of threat or opposition. 

It’s difficult to not measure ones worth or spiritual “maturity” on the backs of others.  It is even more difficult to stretch our minds beyond the conventional paradigms of politics, or geographical patriotism, denominational membership, economic status, social spheres, etc.  Jesus disregarded these constricting and often destructive ways of thinking and talking that violates the integrity of others.  He operated beyond these norms with open arms of love, acceptance, and hope towards others.  It trips me out.  The ones he was harshest on where the leaders of the predominant religion of the day which was violating the spiritual integrity of the very broken hearted, economically oppressed, and politically oppressed people that Jesus was about.  Being completely honest it’s tough to not be violent toward people . . . based on this definition.  So where does the peace and hope come from?  Who carries it out?  Americans?  Rich?  United Nations?  Conservatives?  Liberals?  Non-prof 501 c3’s?  Hippies?  Penguins(North or south?)? . . .

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