Cursed are the ones that curse, for they bring destruction.

God has wrath? I’ve found that “Christians” who attempt to dictate or curse “other” people or people groups are the most destructive. They’re confident, so they pretend to be and they’re “mature”, so they attempt to front. Some people even fall for it and consume their regurgitation. Anyway, Don Miller does a great job addressing some these issues here in response to Pat Robertson:

Personally, I appreciate Don's gentleness and love and I pity Pat as well.  But I still think this guy is a jack ass.

To the people of Haiti, God is with you. He loves you more then you know and has not left you. You are Blessed. Our prayers are with you and our hearts bleed with you.

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One Comment On “Cursed are the ones that curse, for they bring destruction.”

  1. People who are cursing others are just not dealing with their own baggage. It’s a lot easier to look at everyone else and say what they are doing wrong and even tell them so that we feel “bigger” about ourselves. However, it is really difficult to look at ourselves and to ask God to help us see what we are doing wrong so that we can turn from it and glorify God all the more. I struggle with this all the time! It’s hard to not look down on others and it’s hard to look in the mirror at myself.

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