Gardening endeavors- rural style

This is one of our most recent projects happening in the parking lot of Ethos.  It’s fully up and running with some room left in the boxes to plant.  This endeavor has lead us to a larger pursuit of creating an outdoor patio that the young people of Mariposa can construct based on what they want.  Nick is our garden shifu who initiated and built the boxes.  The following photos is the building process and contributors along the way.  Enjoy.

Box construction w/ the wood generously donated by Bob Evans Lumber:









Shifu Nick attaching the scrap metal bottoms provided by John-Paul:
















Filling the boxes with quality soil donated by Bob Evans Lumber.  It was a huge pile of which a dozen local young people transported into the boxes . . . some working more then others.  Also, the application of top soil and organic fertilizer was generously donated by Mariposa Feed & Supply Company.









The drip line and other sustaining equipment was generously donated by Foster True Value.  Artistic design done by Ethonian, Clarice:




















After about a month this is what the garden is looking like: