The amazing pictures featuring in the slide show of our Home page are by Hannah Schiff.  The majority of the pictures used on this web site have been taken by Hannah.  As a recent highschool graduate and aspiring artist Hannah is courageously pursuing her dreams in continued education.  We will be featuring more of her work on our web site in the near future.  Hannah, thank you, congratulations, and persevere.

Young People.  Future.  Change.

Mission statement:

“Ethos empowers diverse young people within the local community.  We believe that each young person deserves the opportunity to be recognized as an individual, participate fully in their community, and thrive in a place of creativity, security, and support.”

 Vision statement:

“A revolution of youth that is a catalyst for justice and social change.”

5079 Hwy 140 – suite B (Where Curves use to be. next to Take N Bake Pizza)

P.O. Box 2075

Mariposa CA 95338

Phone: (209)742-4256

Hours: Click  here for hours parents, & young people.

Below are directions.  They are visual. They are fun, & leave little room for wrong turns.  Because that’s how we roll.  Enjoy the music:

Going South on Hg Wy 140

Going North on Hg Wy 140


Our email is ethosyouth5@gmail.com.


If you would like to support our young people by making a contribution to Ethos Youth Center click on our PAYPAL button:




We are open every day from 3 pm to 6 pm, Monday thru Friday.  Beyond that, our hours vary depending on adult support team availability. We would love for you to join our Adult Support Team.  Call us!

Ethos has a number of different components with and for the young people of Mariposa.  Feel free to explore our web site to learn more.  At our on site location we offer free counseling, school tutoring, food(of course) and a safe place for youth 12-18yrs to hang out and establish relationships with caring adults.

As a volunteer based non-profit, we need YOU!  Your financial partnership, your time, ideas, donations, etc. all contribute towards enriching and supporting the young people of our beloved community and forging the future of Mariposa. If you can offer your time or financial support, please give us a call!