History and Mission

The genesis of Ethos Youth Center came about through a small group of people who are passionate about their faith and the local young people of Mariposa. A desire to support young people in bringing positive change to youth culture has continued to grow into a desire to support youth more holistically. Ethos became a grass roots movement in joining young people in pursuit of community. Every organization and community has an ethos, or spirit of its existence. Ours is in motion and is our namesake. Ethos is a catalyst for the young people, and by the young people of Mariposa. The shaping of any ethos occurs through relationship in the context of story.

Our mission statement is “Ethos empowers diverse young people within the local community.  We believe that each young person deserves the opportunity to be recognized as an individual, participate fully in their community, and thrive in a place of creativity, security, and support.”

Our vision statement is “A revolution of youth that is a catalyst for justice and social change.”

Ethos youth center operates under the 501c3 umbrella and is a program of The Alliance for Community Transformation.